Conductor Triin Koch has been conducting The Chamber Choir of the University of Tartu since autumn 2001 – within that time she has shaped this choir to become a unique and colourful chamber choir in the field of Estonian choral music. Her devoted and meticulous work with music and singers has been awarded for several times – she has been The Young Conductor of the Year, The Conductor of the Year along with The Chamber Choir of the University of Tartu being The Choir of the Year (prizes given by The Estonian Choral Association). Triin Koch has also been awarded The Prize of Estonian Music, several special prizes for the conductor from choir competitions in Estonia and abroad, and many more.

Besides The Chamber Choir of the University of Tartu, Triin Koch also conducts The Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu and The Tallinn Alumni Choir of the Tartu University Female Choir. Triin Koch is a devoted caretaker of the Estonian song celebration tradition: in 2014 celebration she was the chief conductor of the women’s choirs and the main conductor of the mixed choirs. In 2014 she was also the main conductor and the artistic director of the 9th Nordic Student Singers’ Summit in Tartu. In addition, she is the Estonian artistic director of the VIII Nordic and Baltic Choir Festival that takes place in the summer of 2015.

Karin Herne Jan 1985 – June 2001

Kalev Lindal Sept 1985 – Dec 1993

Tiiu Jaanus Nov 1981 – Dec 1984

Riho Leppoja Oct 1979- Dec 1982

Tiiu Otsus Mar 1971 – Jul 1981

Vaike Uibopuu Mar 1971 – Oct 1979

The choir has also been conducted on some semesters by Elvi Kiriling-Oolo and Margo Kõlar